New Year's Eve at Candoro Marble

Marvyl Triscitti

I am on the Board of Directors for Candoro Marble Arts and Heritage Center, and so I offered to use our decorative foyer to photograph the guests at our first annual New Year's Even speakeasy.

Molly Gilbert and her husband, Scott

Marvyl Triscitti, who is Candoro's wedding coordinator and owner of her own planning company, Team Wedding, and Molly Gilbert, who is the chairperson of the board and a PR specialist, put out a lot of effort to make this inaugural event a grand success.  Which it was - tickets were sold out and there was even a waiting list.

Kudos to nearly everyone who came dressed for the event style - a 1920's speakeasy.  People knew to ask at the door where they could find some pink marble and proffered the password, easy aces.  Hot food, cold drinks, a jazzy trio, and casino games made it a great night.

Join the fun on Valentine's Day, when Candoro hosts a romantic, candle-lit dinner!

Old City Buskers, who provided entertainment

Knoxville, aka Marble City - where the fun and beautiful party!