He Got It Dunn

The campaign material featuring my work.

Bill Dunn got it done.

That is to say, he won.

I was introduced to Bill and his darling wife, Stacie, through a mutual friend, and that brought me the opportunity to work on producing photography for Bill’s campaign to be re-elected in Tennessee’s House of Representatives for District 16.

Bill is quality. He has been a great help to our district and is able to work with his Republican party as well as the Democrats in Nashville. I am honored to have helped him win the race and grateful to have had the chance to work with such a good man.

I remembered when we started. It was hot as Hades and this poor man sweated in a suit as I did his head shot. A few days later it was the 4th of July parade in Powell - about 5,000 degrees, as I recall. Hanging out with a former WWE wrestler, Kane (now Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs). Breakfast with the governor.

And last night, seated at his dining room table, watching the results come in.

I think the biggest problem facing Tennessee now is the opioid crisis, and I am happy to have helped elect a man who is working towards alleviating that with both integrity and compassion.

Bill Dunn - my guy in Nashville!