Baby Mason

Mr. Steal Yo' Girl

If I have my choice for photographing babies, it is around 8 to 9 months.  Unlike newborns who are usually asleep or very placid, an older baby can lift his or her head, sit up, and maybe even pull up to stand They are more expressive and are not upstaged by clothing.  Do not get me wrong, the portraits of parents with a newborn is a wonderful thing.  I just think that a portrait of a baby alone is best when they have a personality to show.

Recently, I was visiting one of my favorite wedding venues, Swann Plantation, and when I learned that its owner, Shari, would be babysitting her youngest grandson, Mason, I said, "Baby needs a photo shoot!"  Grandma had an idea in mind - since Mason's dad and uncles are hunters, then he needs a shot where he is displaying his own "catch."  So Shari made him a diaper wrap from faux fur, and a wee bow, and some old pelts she had in storage for Mason; fortunately, when we started the shoot the sun was warm enough for him to pose.

Man, they will not be this small for long!  A child goes through exponentially fast growth and development between birth and their first birthday.  Consider having their picture taken every six months, to capture those stages.

And yes, we did do the naked baby on the bear skin rug.  And no, that's for Mom and Dad only!