Mother and Child Study

I have a friend, Karen, who has a lovely daughter named Logan.  And Logan has a sweet baby boy, Joseph.  And images of mother and child are beautiful.

Breastfeeding and Photography

One of the closest and most intimate times a mother has with her child is when she is feeding him.  It doesn't matter whether she is breastfeeding or bottle feeding, those moments are when a mother feels that she and her child are like an island of serenity in a hectic world, and time slows, and there is a sense of serene drowsiness.  I wanted to capture a mother breastfeeding her child in such a way it would look classical and romantic.

I wanted to capture that and asked Logan if she would mind if I photographed her feeding Joseph.  She didn't.  

Once I captured what I had envisioned, I did some more images for Logan so she would have more casual moments of this time.

Capture the Relationship Between Parents and Babies

When you think of baby pictures, all too often it is a sleeping newborn, curled up with a designer knit cap in a moss-lined basket.  I think any picture that shows a real-life interaction between the baby and parents is better.  For a child later to be able to see how much they were loved is a treasure for them.  We might laugh and say, "My mom was a hard nose" or "She ruled like an iron fist in a velvet glove," but pictures like this serve to show a softer side to the bond that existed.

Thanks to Candoro Marble Arts and Heritage Center for use of their location.