Love Lift Me Up: Kristen and Chris' Engagement Photos

So, I walked into Maxed Out Gym in Oak Ridge to find Kristen and Chris.  I will be photographing their wedding next month and I was going to do engagement photos of their shared passion: weightlifting.

"They're in the back room," the receptionist told me.

I walked through a spacious area of machines and through the glass doors.  Where a huge wave of speed metal music hit me.

"Oh, yeah, me likey . . ." I thought.

Most couples are a little awkward when doing engagement photos because while they have been photographed numerous times via selfies, this is the first time a camera has been trained on them since Lifetouch visited their high school.  So a good idea is to use a shared activity or a favorite spot for your session.  Be on familiar ground.

After all, it's not about how you look.  It's about who you are.

Kristen and Chris EngagementBW-28.jpg

Love is strong.