On the Sidewalks of New York

South Bronx

Do you know that song?

I heard it again when I was recently in New York City, being sung by a tour guide.  It's the longtime folk song for my city. It goes like this:

East side, west side, all around the town.  The tots play ring-a-round rosie, London bridge is falling down.  Boys and girls together - me and Mamie O'Rourke.  We tripped the light fantastic on the sidewalks of New York.

A lot has changed since that song was first sung.  And I have been living away from my hometown for years.  But every time I go . . . I'm home.  And no where better is there the ability to engage in some street photography.  It is constant theater.  

Let me show you what I saw on the sidewalks of New York.

Main branch of the New York Public Library

Outside Grand Central Station

34th Street and 8th Avenue on a hot day

These are the scenes that you won't see in a tour guide.


Why are some in color and why are some in black-and-white?  I don't know.  Sometimes the colors work together and sometimes they are a distraction from the people.  It's how I feel about the image.

Coney Island

Penn Station

Brooklyn Heights

42nd Street


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