The Pelican Bar and Bistro - Knoxville's Intimate Eatery

Recently, the historic Southern Railway Station brought on Marvyl Triscritti, an absolutre firecracker of a wedding planner and even coordinator, to handle its newest offering to the public, The Pelican Bar and Bistro that located on its premises.  While Knoxville is far from the ocean, the name hearkens back to a train car that ran from New York to New Orleans.

Marvyl asked me if I would do some promotional photography for the bistro.  This means food photography, as well as what I call lifestyle shots.  A challenge is finding talent - the people to be the subjects in these photos - but fortunately Marvyl has lovely and engaging friends who agreed to play the role of guests.  

It is fun work, not only for the laughs but for the great food that HAD to be prepped for pictures and the glasses of wine that HAD to be poured as well.  

Mmmmmm . . . a Reuben panini . . . .

The Pelican proudly pours the wines of its sister bar, the Blue Slip Winery, which is also located at the station.  Come for some wine tasting, stay for dinner!  It also has a full bar that features local brews and spirits.

My business is primarily focused on wedding photography and portraiture, but I do commercial photography as well.  I get inspired to think, "If this were a movie, what is happening in the scene" in order to set up shots.  Give someone the story and let them play with it.

And now I'm hungry for that Reuben panini . . .