Logan's Heirloom: Introducing the Go Book

Joseph is a young man who turned 1 year old earlier this fall. His mom, Logan, arranged for me to commemorate that milestone with pictures, naturally. I had previously done a photo essay with Logan and Joseph, one which highlighted the natural beauty of nursing; I cannot think of a more intimate and meaningful time between mother and child.

But what to do with Joseph’s pictures? As I have said before, I am a big fan of the Italian color lab, Graphistudio, and use their albums for my wedding work. But one product that I had not used was their Go Book, a smaller album that comes in its own case with a clear acrylic cover - thus, you can set it on a shelf or mantle as a display.

Using images from the earlier session, I created this album for Logan:

Logan and I worked on choosing the materials and colors for the Go Book. I was able to show her in a mock-up how it would look, but, you know - it’s not until you have the finished product in your hands that your realize, it is more than an album.

It is an heirloom.

And here was Logan’s reaction.

Let me say it again: believe in print. Something tangible, something you can hold, and more importantly, something that will last.

I have ordered a Go Book sample for the studio. I am always excited to offer quality products to my clients!