Branding, Selling, or Just Being Yourself - It's All Good

One of the greatest compliments a photographer can get is when another photographer comes to them and says, “I want to rebrand myself and my studio - could you do photograph me?”

Anytime a person comes to me to be photographed, it involves trust. I can dig this; I am very uncomfortable in front of a camera and I am aware that for many of my clients that same unease exists. Even if you are dressed in a wedding gown or business suit and there is a purpose for why you are having your picture made, there can be that fear of “messing up.”

Not me messing up - what I have also seen is the subject thinking they will somehow “not do it right.” I remember one bride telling me she was extremely nervous about her engagement session. “Heavens, why?” I asked. She replied, “I’m afraid I am going to screw it up.”

So, I am happy when I can foster that trust and was more than willing to help a great photographer, Jasmine Newton of Javon Renee Portraits with her rebranding, especially since it was also something she was doing for herself. I encourage you, if you are the type to feel self-conscious in front of a camera, to go to her Instagram account and read some of her reflections. Good stuff, there.

I love sessions like this where it just turns into a fun time among friends. That is how I want my studio sessions to be: inviting, safe, fun.

Check out the work we (I say “we” because it is always a collaboration between me and a client) did. Hair and makeup was by the ultra-talented KC Coleman.