Sophia and Robert at the Barn at High Point Farms

Let me be frank: sometimes, people get this idea of “Hey, let’s turn that barn into a wedding venue!” And sometimes it is a bad idea. Barns are not built per se to be wedding venues. The creature comforts for, well, creatures like horses and cows are not the same for humans.

BUT . . . that is not to say it cannot be done. And sometimes, it is done to perfection. And that is what I found as a wedding photographer at The Barn at High Point Farms.

I photographed the wedding of Sophia and Robert last September at High Point. Sophie had told me ahead of time that she fell in love with the venue and wanted to take advantage of its different locations. When I went for my initial scouting visit (if I haven’t photographed at a venue, I always do a scouting visit on my own time so I am prepared for your wedding day), I could see why. High Point offers mountain views, broad meadows, tree-lined lanes, gardens, and spots by a meandering creek. And goats!

The barn itself is a delight of textures and colors. While most of the space is open on the sides, the dance floor has its own enclosed area that is heated and air-conditioned. I think that is great. It allows your guests to be able to converse and enjoy company in one area without having to shout over the DJ, while the DJ gets to crank up the energy of the reception.

And Sophia and Robert’s wedding was high energy! There was a hiccup along the way but soon that was corrected and they enjoyed a beautiful ceremony in a grove of trees and a rocking party afterwards. Sophia has a small frame and her lacy dress showed off her curves wonderfully; I liked how she changed into a short, fun number for her exit! And I admit, I like a tailored dark suit on a man and Robbie looked great in his. Their family and friends were just classy people and I had a lot of fun being there.

But I cannot neglect to tell you one other thing High Point offers: Margie and her crew. Margie, its owner, is someone who gives 100% for her couples so that their experience is superb. She makes sure everyone - couple, guests, even us lowly vendors - is taken care of and extends a huge measure of hospitality. And she drives a mean golf cart, which means come picture time, there’s no wasting daylight!

Enjoy this gallery from Sophia and Robbie’s wedding. Theirs was a travel themed wedding and I hope their life’s journey together is one with a smooth path and gentle curves, but above all, adventure!