Celebrate Your Child's Talent

Childhood is not easy. It’s hard work.

Sure, as adults we may look back fondly on it and think we had it easy back then, without worries like bills to pay or projects to deliver. However, the noted pioneer in child psychiatry, Jean Piaget, rightly noted that for a child, even play is serious business, as they use it to try to sort out the world.

For a child who undertakes the effort to master something, it is especially serious. That is why I was happy to photograph Scout and her violin. That is not an easy instrument to play. It demands attention but, in a way, it also demands the student embrace its legacy and the sophistication that comes with it.

A portrait is a way of honoring a child’s effort and recognizing their achievement. It says, “You make us proud.”

What makes your child special? How are you celebrating it? Call me today about setting up a portrait session to show your pride in what you children are doing. And it does not have to be in studio - maybe a ball field or an ice rink is the setting!