Put Me in Coach: Coleman and Holden in the Sandlot Series

Spring is almost here. And you know what that means . . .

If you are a movie buff, then you know the film “The Sandlot,” and its sequels, about little boys - no, small men - who take the game of baseball very, very seriously.

As do brothers Coleman and Holden. I had them in my studio to photograph them in what has become to be called the “sandlot series” style - black and white, and very, very serious.

And why must children always “smile nicely” for a picture, especially if it involves something that is meaningful to them? Jean Piaget, the noted Swiss psychologist, in formulating his theory on the cognitive development of children was adamant that playtime was not simply important but was a child’s form of work, taken by children seriously as it was through such activities that a child learned.

Look at these boys. Tell me that you can’t see the men they will become and the dreams of baseball they hold in their hearts.

Put them in, Coach - they’re ready to play.