People of Note: Magnolia Matrimonies

It has been a while since I have done a “People of Note” post, but when I do a head shot for someone, I like to help promote their business. I am a big believer in small businesses, especially as I own one. I truly believe that we are the backbone of the American economy.

And if we are the backbone, then Colleen Rodgers is a thread of steel to keep the spine strong. She is the owner of Magnolia Matrimonies, a business spreading the love by providing three kickass wedding officiants in the Knoxville area - Colleen, Nikki Threadgill, and Evan Gilbert. They pride themselves (okay, pun intended) on being open to all people, of all orientations, embracing diversity.

So when Colleen asked me if I would do head shots for the trio, I thought about how they should look. Inspiration hit me when I happened to be reading a magazine and saw a lithograph of Marilyn Monroe designed by the law Andy Warhol, where her black and white image was repeated in a grid, each separately colored. Diversity. Rainbow. Why settle for just one image?

So, with a camera mounted on a tripod, I had them go through various expressions, and brought it all together in Photoshop to produce these for them:

But why stop the fun? I got them in front of my new Franklin backdrop for some group and individual shots to show their sense of bonhomie.

Colleen, Nikki, and Evan are not your typical officiants but who wants run-of-the-mill for as joyous an occasion as a wedding? If you want dignified, if you want fun, if you want someone who is there to celebrate your love - well, I got your officiants right here.

Quick note on Franklin Backdrops - made in the US of A, in Atlanta. Jay makes each handmade and I love his products. Go check him out on Instagram but don;t buy the ones I want.