Wedding Album: Sarah and Chase

Sarah and Chase Album-1.JPG

One of happiest moments I have is when I get to hand over a finished product to a client. Sure, it is great seeing pictures on a computer screen but NOTHING feels like “the real thing,” that is, when you lift a well-crafted album, open the box, and start turning the pages.

The DHL truck brought Sarah and Chase’s album to me and when I opened it, I was enthralled. The craftsmanship that Graphistudio put into their Young Book was impressive, and at a 9.5x13 size, this has truly got the “wow” factor.

The colors were inspired by the bride’s color, a summery light blue, befitting her August wedding (and a delight to see on a grey winter’s day). The couple are deep in their faith, so the white legacy box featured scripture appropriate to their Christianity as well as their venue, Hiwassee River Weddings and Events:

For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pout out my Spirit on your offspring and my blessings on your descendants.

A mountain scene with a winding river emphasized their choice of venue.

The interior of the legacy box was covered in a brilliant blue linen, while the album featured their names surrounded by a wreath of summer flowers, along with the wedding date and location, all on a light blue leather material.

Sarah and Chase Album-7.JPG

I am impressed by Graphistudio’s reproduction of color and using their HD deep matte touch paper adds a delightful tactile factor to the album - soft and velvety. Needless to say, Graphistudio uses archival material, so this is an item that will last.

Sarah and Chase Album-9.JPG
Sarah and Chase Album-10.JPG

My wedding collections all come with some sort of album, even the small elopement/courthouse weddings (I do offer a digital only collection for the DIY bride but quite frankly, after seeing sample albums, they upgrade when they realize the quality). For my top three collections, I use Graphistudio and I personally design the album so that it is unique to the couple. This is why I say my collections reflect real value: you are not walking away with a CD or thumb drive, but a piece of art that is crafted for you and you alone.

Sarah and Chase Album-11.JPG

I am hopeful that this inspires the couple to continue to believe in the power of print. My thought is that for now this album belongs to them. Yes, for now. Because a day will come when they are gone from this earth and to someone else, this will become their treasure.

Sarah and Chase Album-13.JPG

By the way, Sarah and Chase’s album also included two parent books. I heard back from Sarah’s dad - his reaction was “AMAZING!!!”

Sarah and Chase Album-14.JPG

If you have photos taken by a different photographer and you have a print release from him or her, I would be happy to design an album for you.