In Rides the Cavalry: Sami and Matt's Wedding

Sometimes you get clients that are simply larger than life and have vibrant personalities.

I got that with Sami and Matt on their wedding day, held at the historic Southern Railway Station.

Now, I knew this was going to be lively and fun, since Matt is a proud member of the US Army Cavalry Scouts. Sami, though, is the daughter of retired Air Force, so she is no stranger to the ways - and rowdiness - of the military, and was ready for this. Add a group of styling bridesmaids and groomsmen, and you had yourself a party.

As well as a romance. Sami and Matt are an example of modern dating, having met on Tinder. Completely besotted with each other. I met them over a year ago and this day has been a long time coming, with some careful planning, so I knew I would be in for a treat.

Let’s ride!

The decor was off the charts and added to the elegance of the railway station.

I know from my conversations with Sami that what she loved about the Southern Railway Station was its air of timeless sophistication. Once a passenger station for the Louisville & Nashville line, the venue is a beautiful example of the use of Tennessee pink marble and deep, rich carved wood that elevates the mood into something regal.

But why stop there? Melissa Timm Designs and Team Wedding made the venue shine with flowers and decor that took what was already a lovely spot and made it stunning. Just look at this!

Sami and Matt - Details -20.JPG

The spread for the cocktail hour, part of the fabulous catering supplied by Margaret Claire’s Wedding & Events, was also a feast for the eyes.

A tribute to a special girl stole everyone’s hearts

Way back in time, Matt was having a dark day when he sat down by his truck. A little one-eyed girl came over to him . . . and rubbed against his legs. Wait, what? No, you see that girl was a stray cat who stole Matt’s heart and he made sure she - his sweet Gracie - would have a forever home with him. She helped him overcome the darkness and he wanted to make sure she was part of his wedding day. So he bought her a dress and had a friend bring her by for some photos before all the festivities started.

I’m not crying, you’re crying . . .

It is always special when a bride reveals herself, ready to be married, to her father.

And that was certainly the case with Sami and her Dad. A proud veteran of the US Air Force, Chad was understandably emotional when he saw his daughter (btw, his ribbon bar was a gift from Matt for his father-in-law for the wedding).

The First Look between a couple is an intimate and lovely moment

Sami and Matt decided to see each other before the ceremony. I think a First Look helps a couple: it allows them to show their feelings in relative privacy instead of before guests and gives them a time to just be giddy in love before it’s show time. By the way, every couple I have photographed who did a First Look reports that seeing each other at the actual ceremony still was a special moment all on its own, the First Look did not diminish it at all.

With this ring, I thee wed . . .

In an indoor garden setting, Sami and Matt became man and wife. The late afternoon sun made all the vintage wood glow!

Sami and Matt - Ceremony -29.JPG

When you’re surrounded by the best in friends and family, it’s all good!

Sami and Matt had the backing of some fabulous family members and friends for their wedding party.

Let’s get this party started!

Sure, the ceremony is the most important part of the day . . . or is it? Sami and Matt’s reception was lit and I confess, I went to the “after party” that took place after their exit and became a guest. As did a number of vendors - Sami and Matt are the type of clients you grow to love as friends and I was happy to both serve them and celebrate with them!

Sami and Matt

As I said above, everyone loves this couple because you can feel the love returned by them. I hope they have many happy years together and, of course, we thank Matt for his service in the defense of our country. Well, he might be a soldier (Go Army!) but watch out - he married a firecracker of a gal!

One last word . . .

I have to give some mad props to the other professionals who made this wedding great. What I enjoyed was the fact that we respected each other, we helped each other, and we worked together because, after all, wasn’t it about making it wonderful for Sami and Matt? Seriously, at a wedding it is time to check one’s ego and band together to make it memorable for the couple. So, let me give a shout out and yes, I would recommend any of these vendors to my couples:

Venue: Southern Railway Station

Coordination and Decor: Team Wedding

Flowers: Melissa Timm Designs

Makeup: Southern Bell Beauty

Catering: Margaret Claire

DJ: Mobile Beats

Videographer: Haven Media

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