People of Note: Prentiss Stidham

I like to feature in my blog posts my business photography clients because my job brings me to meet some really extraordinary people.

Take for example, Prentiss Stidham. Prentiss was recently featured in The Daily Times of Blount county, introducing her work in speech therapy with children.

“Well-meaning parents listen to others that tell them that your child will grow out of it, just wait. If you have concerns, seek out a certified SLP who can give you some guidance,” Stidham said. “They can really answer your questions, ‘Is this typical for a child?’ or do an evaluation to get more information.”

When a child does need help, she said, “early intervention is going to more effective, it’s going to be less costly and treatment is usually shorter. You really don’t want to take a wait-and-see approach.”

As someone who needed speech therapy as a child, this is personal and it was a pleasure to provide my services to this fine lady.

First Up, a Headshot

There are always going to be what I term “industrial headshots,” usually found on websites for school districts. They are “professional” in that they were done with a backdrop and a light (and someone was paid to do them) but they are meant for volume and say nothing to the person who is looking at it about the subject.


Prentiss is starting her own consulting company and that meant a change was needed.

I advised Prentiss to engage the services of makeup artist Tatiana Wilcox, whom I know is an expert at tailoring her work for the purpose intended. In this case, I wanted Prentiss to be seen as professional and confident, but also nurturing and caring, given that her client demographic was the parents of young children. I wanted her to look like the type of therapist who was not afraid to plop down on the floor next to her young charge and engage with them on their level.

Mind you, it doesn’t hurt that Prentiss is one attractive woman. Trust me, that demeanor in her pictures is matched in her personality - I very much enjoyed her company in studio!

Let’s Show the Professional In Action

For her website, Prentiss and I talked about what are termed editorial images or “lifestyle shots,” showing her on the job. For this, Prentiss was able to recruit friends of her who had a delightful young son to play the part of a “client.” This is so much more engaging to potential clients than stock photography!

It is important to note that had this been a real patient, his face would not be seen due to HIPAA regulations, and these images would have been photographed from a different angle.

Another consideration was where to photograph Prentiss and this young family. I suggested this: if Prentiss had a realtor friend, could we use a home for sale that was staged with regard to furnishings? She did and it worked well - the home was attractively appointed and because it was a model home, no resident had to be put out by our presence or worry about privacy.

All in all, it was a successful collaboration with Prentiss and I am happy to serve small business owners, as I believe small businesses are the backbone of our American economy - and especially when it is someone as lovely as Prentiss who is serving our youth.

Photography like this is within the means of the sole proprietor. Do you have a business that you want to stand out among your competitors? Give me a call today!

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