In Studio: Andy

I love Leandre, aka Andy. She is beautiful, bright, and has a sparkling personality. I have this idea for a shoot but before we could do it, she came in studio to just have some fun. These are some of the images that both she and I liked.

WARNING: some images are NSFW with implied/partial nudity.

One thing that I like about these images is the fact that the only “prop” that was used was a long piece of silk gauze. My “usual” is to forego props unless they are there for a good reason. And even then, less is more - nothing should distract from the subject.


Do you know what is most important during a portrait session? That both subject and photographer connect and share the emotion and feel of the shoot. I was going to say that both have a good time, but there may be times when a shoot is done for a reason other than to be happy. Photography is both reality and fantasy - towards which do you trend?

I once heard a leader in the photography world say, “If you want to get interesting pictures, go to interesting places.” Well, yes - but the geography of the human body and face can be that interesting place, no?

Somebody might say, “I could never do that . . .”

Yes. You can. You are beautiful RIGHT NOW.

Do it.

Have you had a professional portrait done of yourself? If not, why not? Call me and we will talk about it.

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