On the Street: the 127 Yard Sale

Directing traffic in Kentucky

I occasionally allow a glimpse into my personal work here, especially when it involves the type of photography that made me fall in love with the art: street photography. I have been told not to mix business posts with personal posts on my blog here but why? Come on in and have a look at how I spend my free time. Street photography is working to capture a moment of interest amidst the millions of everyday ones that just float by.

During this past weekend the famed 127 Yard Sale took place. This is billed as the world’s longest yard sale, stretching from Michigan to Alabama, along US Highway 127. My son and I are suckers for it, especially since we live close to one of its better spots in Crossville, Tennessee.

A lot of miles in very hot weather - it is a four day event (Thursday through Sunday) and there are people who drive the entire distance. I’m not one of them.

Is there a lot of junk? Oh, to be sure - but then, you never know what you’ll find. Or who you’ll see. For me, it is less about the shopping and more about the people and what interests them. Although I did pick up an old snow sled that I will use in my studio.

This is America. Enjoy the slide show below.

By the way, in addition to my business Instagram feed, I also keep up one for my personal work, most of which is street photography - go follow “Stephanie Richer Took a Picture.”