Puppy + Snow = Adorable

Okay, okay - I have a bias towards dogs!

When I was in Washington DC for Snowmageddon 2016, I visited my niece and her dogs.  Mr. Grant, the older pup, is a handsome fellow, but now finds himself in competition with Bruce - young, cute, puppy.

Both dogs are black, which made it fun to photograph them in a blizzard.



Actually, they are quickly learning to get along.  After all, dogs are pack animals - it actually makes them happier to have another dog.

Bruce and Mr. Grant

Arlington, VA is chock full of young professionals . . . and some very spoiled dogs.

Bruce and Jen

Mr. Grant

Snowmageddon in Washington, DC

Pizza delivery man out in the storm.  Better service than the Post Office.

This past weekend, I was up in Washington DC for the annual March for Life on January 21st.  My friends and I had already planned to stay the weekend.  "We'll go see the monuments on Saturday," we said.  "It'll be fun," we said.

No such luck.  We were staying in Arlington, across the Potomac, and the city shut down its Metro.  But before we headed back to the hotel on Friday afternoon, as the storm intensified, I captured a few images of DC.  Enjoy!

A father and his sons trudge along the National Mall.

Strolling along F Street.

Japanese documentary makers making a documentary about Japanese tourists in America.

A quick phone call at the Metro Center.

Street musician at the Metro Center station.

Walking home in Arlington, VA

First Snow in East Tennessee

Do not let him fool you - my neighbor's Border Collie, Gus, is a tough cookie who has shelter but prefers to stay outside in all types of weather.  Speaking of cookies, that is his "Mrs. Richer, can I get a cookie, please?" look - and yes, I give him treats.

East Tennessee got its first snow yesterday and more is promised this weekend. I could not get out and about too far from home - Nor'easterners might scoff but you have to know how our back roads go up and down steeply, and bend and curve; driving was treacherous.

But here are some images from around my homestead, Dog Hill.  Click on any to see a larger image.

Christmas 2015 - the no snow edition . . .

Welp, all hopes for a white Christmas are gone this year in East Tennessee, especially driven home last night as I woke up at 2:00 am to the sound of booming thunder and torrential rain.

That is why I decided to make this short video as a sort of Christmas card.  I used still images - mostly my two dogs, Mac (orange collar, morose look) and Sam (blue collar, meth lab) - and applied what is called the parallax effect or 2.5d animation to add some subtle movement to the pictures and make them appear as if they are slow motion clips.

I hope you enjoy it!

Merry Christmas to all!  May 2016 be filled with health, happiness, and holiness for our world!