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What will make your wedding photography epic? Having me as your photographer - my team and I will make sure your wedding day photographs are bold, captured with skill and creativity, and with minimal stress to you. Plus, you can look forward to a custom designed wedding album, imported from Italy, that lets you relive the emotions and moments of your wedding day.

it’s your day . . .

This is it. Your wedding day. You have planned for it, waited for it, maybe even shed a few tears over it, and now is the day to open a new chapter in your life. Your job is to enjoy it and have the happiest of times - my job is to capture great photographs with no stress on you. Let’s do this, we got this!

From day-of-prep, to the ceremony, to the reception, and finally to your exit, coverage captures the details and moments that tell your story.


do i need a wedding photographer?

After the cake is eaten and the sparkler exit is done, the only lasting thing you will have from your wedding are your pictures. You want something wonderful to remember your wedding day.
And . . . things happen. Like weather. Like slipped schedules. A professional wedding photographer does more than just press a shutter - I have to ready for challenges and not let that stop me from giving you beautiful photographs. That’s something Uncle Bob with his new camera can’t do.


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My collections are inclusive so you do not have to make compromises for your wedding day. All of the collections include:

Engagement Session

This is important to allow us time to get to know one another and for you to learn how to be comfortable in front of a camera - and that makes it easier for you at your wedding. An engagement session also allows you to have photographs of the two of you that are not dated by all the sights of your wedding, giving you timeless images.

Full Day Coverage

From getting ready to the exit from the reception, it is an all day affair - and if you are going to be there, so am I. While we will plan a timeline for the day, things happen that can cause a schedule to slip. You should not have to worry about my time running out because my time is your time.

Team Coverage

There will be two wedding professionals to cover your day. There are moments when having two perspectives add to the story. There may be distances that mean a division of labor makes sense. And there are certainly times when having an extra set of hands means I can be creative with lighting or setting to make something unique.

Private Online Gallery

I provide an online gallery where the digital images can be viewed and downloaded, along with a print release. You can choose to share the link to the gallery with your family and guests, making it easy for you to share the love - and maybe convince them to put their cell phones down and enjoy the celebration, knowing they can have access to the pictures.

imported heirloom album

No one wants to curl up on a winter’s night with a thumb drive. I custom design each album so that each is unique to the couple. I use an artisan print lab in Italy, Graphistudio, whose product line provides me with a large variety of material and customization so that I can guarantee each couple that NO other will have the same album.

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engagement sessions ARE IMPORTANT

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your wedding album is your first family heirloom


real weddings


Hiwassee River Weddings & Events, Delano, TN


Swann Plantation, Sevierville, TN


The Barn at High Point, Flintstone, GA

jessica + sam

Magnolia Pines, Chickamagua, GA


The Church on Main, Chattanoog, TN

victoria + dan

Candoro Marble, Knoxville, TN



collection one


  • Engagement Session

  • Full Day Coverage

  • Two wedding photographers

  • Private online gallery of digital images for viewing and download

  • 9.5x13 imported custom album with the first 25 spreads (50 facing pages)

  • Two 8x12 parent copies of the wedding album

  • One 24x36 premiere canvas wall art

  • Choice of four matted 8x12 prints or three matted 11x14 prints



  • Engagement Session

  • Full Day Coverage

  • Two wedding photographers

  • Private online gallery of digital images for viewing and download

  • 8x12 imported custom album with the first 15 spreads (30 facing pages)



  • Engagement Session

  • Full Day Coverage

  • Two wedding photographers

  • Private online gallery of digital images for viewing and download

  • 9.5x13 imported custom album with the first 15 spreads (30 facing pages)

All prices include sales tax. There is no extra charge for travel to the following areas: Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga/Chattanooga Valley, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the Hiwassee/Ocoee River area. Travel fees for other sites are determined based on the location.


not having a big wedding?

I also offer a special Petite Wedding collection for those looking to elope to the Smokies or take a trip to the courthouse downtown. This is for the couple wanting to keep it short and sweet but who also want great images to remember their day. It might be a more intimate wedding, but it is no less important.



“All prices include sales tax” means . . .?

It means the prices shown have the sales tax included already. I know that many couples are juggling budgets and I want to make it easier for you by giving you a price that you know is the final one.

Who is the other photographer?

I have a number of colleagues who may be with me on your day. However, they will be a photographer with experience in photographing weddings. Why? Well, sometimes it creates a better product to have two perspectives. Sometimes a schedule may require one photographer to cover events in one location and the other to be elsewhere, such as when the bride and groom are getting ready in separate places. When I am setting up a special shot, having a professional photographer with me means they are skilled at placing lighting for maximum effect.

What I think is most important, though, is that they are a wedding professional. Unlike other photographers who may rely on inexperienced unpaid interns, my “second” (to use industry language) is someone who understands how weddings flow and will be a professional when dealing with you, your guests, and other wedding vendors.

How many pictures do you deliver?

Typically, I deliver approximately 50 images per hour I am there. I take many more but photographing a wedding means some shots may be unusable, such as if a person steps in front of my camera just as I click the shutter, or I may have to take a test shot to make sure my lighting is correct. I deliver the best images of your wedding curated from all that are taken.

Do I get to keep the pictures?

Absolutely. I will deliver the digital images to you in an online gallery. Once you access it, you can view and download your images. I do not provide you with a CD or a thumb drive of any sort. You also get a print release that allows you to print your own pictures, although you can order prints from the gallery. This print release is a personal use license, meaning you can use your images as you see fit except for commercial uses. So, do you want to have your favorite picture printed on a shower curtain? Do it (and send me a picture of it)!

You choose whether to share your gallery with others. Most of my couples send the link to the gallery to their families and friends. This keeps the couple from having to make copies and it is especially handy if you have loved ones out-of-town who cannot make it to your wedding. If you do not want others to see all of the pictures, let me know which ones can be seen and I can make a separate gallery for them that you can share.

Can I post my pictures on social media?

Of course! In fact, I encourage you to do that and ask that you please tag Stephanie Richer Photography when you do so. Sharing is caring!

Will my pictures have your logo or watermark on them?

No. These are you memories, not mine.

Do you do retouching?

I edit the digital images in your gallery. This means they are edited for exposure, contrast, and colors. Any picture, including those that ultimately are printed in your wedding album, are retouched as needed - this is when I take the time to smooth skin, remove blemishes, brighten smiles, remove a stray cell phone from a pocket, and other things to enhance your picture.

Can you deliver pictures in black and white?

I can and sometimes I do when I think a picture would really pop as a black and white shot. What I usually do is send both to you, the color image and the black and white image.

Will I get the “raw” files? Wait, what are raw files?! Somebody told me I needed to get them . . .

As many wedding photographers so, I shoot with professional digital cameras. My cameras are set to capture images as “raw” files - think of these as digital negatives. When film cameras were used, you could not display a negative; it had to be processed in a darkroom and developed into a print using an enlarger, chemicals, and special paper. The raw files are like a film negative. It takes specialized software to open them, they cannot be displayed on the Internet, and they cannot be printed. The software used for them allows me to edit them and then export them in a format that can be displayed. It is those exported files that get placed in your gallery. I shoot raw files because the file that is recorded by the camera has the maximum amount of information and that makes it easier for me to edit them.

The digital files you get are high resolution and are sized for 8x12 prints. I have found that most of the time that is big enough for printing but not so big that it cannot be posted in social media. If you want a print larger than 8x12, I recommend you have me handle that, as a larger print should be carefully retouched, and properly sized and sharpened for a print, canvas, or acrylic wall art.

How do I book you?

Once we both decide to go forward, I will send you an online contract for you to sign. The contract will have the full price for your photography. Once you have signed the contract and paid a 30% non-refundable deposit, I reserve your wedding date and will take no other work from any client for that date. The remaining amount is due 30 days before the wedding; you can pay it all then or make partial payments after paying the deposit but before that final due date. Payment can be made via cash, check, PayPal, or credit card.