To Have and to Hold . . . Cassie and Nathan

Today is World Marriage Day - and did you know, according to after studying people's purchases, my town of Knoxville here is third most romantic  city in America, beat out only by San Antonio, TX and Seattle, WA?

Well, what better way to celebrate love and marriage than by viewing some pictures of the wedding of Cassie and Nathan, one of Knoxville's loveliest couples!

One last look back before heading down the aisle . . . 

One last look back before heading down the aisle . . . 

One of the benefits of getting married in the Christmas season is that it seems all the world has decorated just for you and is celebrating your nuptials.  Cassie and Nathan chose to be married at St. John Neumann Church in Farragut, TN - while it is less than 10 years old, the church was built in the Romanesque style and is a beautiful venue.


But it wasn't the venue that made the wedding special - it was the love shining from the faces of Cassie and Nathan.  Look at the warmth!


The Christmas lights provided the perfect backdrop of holiday cheer to make their reception a gala event!


All wishes and prayers for Cassie and Nathan, that they might live out their lives together in happiness, health, and peace!

Off they go . . .

Off they go . . .