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In Rides the Cavalry: Sami and Matt's Wedding

Sami and Matt are a couple who are simply those people who glow like suns among the rest of us. Check out their fantastic wedding at the historic Southern Railway Station. Crazy fun!

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Team Isabel & Peggy Sue

They say to never work with kids and animals but I disagree - a children’s portrait session is all the more fun when you have both! A beautiful young lady, a patient horse, and bringing the studio to the client means great images come to life. Read more about young Isabel and her trusty side-kick, Peggy Sue. Is there a rider in your life?

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People of Note: Magnolia Matrimonies

Another entry for People of Note, to introduce you to a business whenever I do a head shot. Earlier this year I photographed the crew from Magnolia Matrimonies, wedding officiants helping to spread the love in Knoxville. Colleen, its owner, and Nikki and Evan are bringing joy to all couples in our fair city!

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Baller: Sophie at the Net

Sophie is a baller with attitude and it shows in her portrait session. Capturing personalities is made easier when the person is in a setting that is comfortable and natural for them - which is why “the studio” should be anywhere. Check out more of her images from her time in front of the camera in this post.

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Put Me in Coach: Coleman and Holden in the Sandlot Series

“Put me in, Coach - I’m ready to play today.” Holden and Coleman, two young men with a love of baseball, were photographed in black and white, aptly demonstrating that ball is life and not to be taken anything but seriously. Child’s play IS a serious matter to children, and wouldn’t you rather have images that reflect that than fake, “nice” smiles? Let’s capture your child’s personality!

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Wedding Album: Sarah and Chase

I am always thrilled when I get a delivery from Graphistudio - hands down, they produce beautiful and unique wedding albums. This is why I feature them in my top three wedding collections, because a special day like your wedding demands a top of the line presentation. Check out Sarah and Chase’s album!

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An Engagement Session With a Ghost Story: Sami and Matt

When faced with a wintertime engagement shoot and not wanting to see so many bare trees - head indoors! That’s what Sami and Matt did by having their engagement session at Knoxville’s Bleak House, a wonderful antebellum mansion. Complete with bullet holes and blood stains . . . wait, what?!

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