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Worth the Walk: Andrea and Michael's Marriage Proposal

Another great marriage proposal in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but this one went to new heights - as in, a climb to over 6,000 feet! Read now about Andrea and Michael’s special moment at Charlie’s Bunion in the Smokies!

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A Man, a Plan, a Bear: Ethan and Gloria's Proposal at Cades Cove

A marriage proposal in the Smokies takes some planning due to the lack of cellular service, and sometimes a little improvisation has to come into play. But all that makes for a story - so have a read of this one, when Ethan surprised Gloria in Cades Cove. Note: no bears were harmed in the making of this adventure!

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People of Note: Prentiss Stidham

I like to introduce my commercial clients after a project because I am always amazed by some of the talented and committed professionals in our community - such as Prentiss, who is helping our youth as a speech therapist. Read her story now, and ask yourself what type of photography could help your business thrive?

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A Guy, a Gal, and Folly Beach at Sunset . . .

A quick trip to South Carolina for a workshop and I just had to photograph down by the beach while I was that close to it! Lucky me, the ever gracious Dale and Kaitlin obliged as models. We had a good time down at Folly Beach , near Charleston - sure, you get wet and there is sand all over the floor of my car, but creating art like this is worth it!

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In Rides the Cavalry: Sami and Matt's Wedding

Sami and Matt are a couple who are simply those people who glow like suns among the rest of us. Check out their fantastic wedding at the historic Southern Railway Station. Crazy fun!

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Team Isabel & Peggy Sue

They say to never work with kids and animals but I disagree - a children’s portrait session is all the more fun when you have both! A beautiful young lady, a patient horse, and bringing the studio to the client means great images come to life. Read more about young Isabel and her trusty side-kick, Peggy Sue. Is there a rider in your life?

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People of Note: Magnolia Matrimonies

Another entry for People of Note, to introduce you to a business whenever I do a head shot. Earlier this year I photographed the crew from Magnolia Matrimonies, wedding officiants helping to spread the love in Knoxville. Colleen, its owner, and Nikki and Evan are bringing joy to all couples in our fair city!

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