By the River's Edge: Devon and Stephan's Marriage Proposal

The Little Pigeon River in the Greenbrier section of the Great Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains is where magic happens.

And this proved itself true when Stephan planned to ask Devon for her hand in marriage.

A few days before, East Tennessee was enjoying warm Spring weather when a cold front moved in, dropping rain and dropping temperatures.  In fact, as the picture at the top of this blog post shows, the Smokies even saw snow in April, at their peaks.  Folks around here call it a "dogwood winter," when the dogwood trees bloom but Winter tries to make one, brief comeback.

But when two hearts are in love, that provides enough warmth, as these pictures show.

And . . . she said, "Yes!"

I am always surprised when I tell people about proposals like this and people ask, "So that's a thing, now?"  What it is, is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for these two people, as well as one for their friends and family, living far and away.  That is what allows us to step away from the mundane in life - celebrating these moments!  Man, I wish someone had been there with a camera when My Beloved asked me to marry him!

It happens so quickly and then the reality of the moment sets in.

But you know what?  I wish someone had been there with a camera when my father asked my mother to marry him, and when my grandfather asked my grandmother to marry him.  Because who would not want to be able to see that moment in their family's history?  These pictures are part of Devon and Stephan's story now but with time become a chapter in a family history that goes beyond their lifetimes.


He just finished med school.  She's a teacher.  They drove down from Michigan to spend a weekend in the Smokies.  And left with this lovely memory, knowing that those rocks along the Little Pigeon River will forever be "their place."

Stephan did a great job in picking this sparkler for Devon!

And as for me, I am honored to make this happen for them.  It makes my heart sing to see a man willing to set this up for his lady love, to capture a time for her that she can look at and be reminded of his devotion to her.

Congratulations, Devon and Stephan!  May the years ahead see them filled with happiness and health for you both!


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