Emmaline: Channeling Her Inner Aphrodite

It Pays to Keep Your Eyes Open for Unique Picture Spots

Recently, myself and two other photographers (the talented Derek Halkett and Ryan Martin) engaged in some shooting "just for the fun of it."  Our model was the lovely Emmaline North and the idea was to photograph her as a bride at The Stables at Strawberry Creek.

Fair enough, and while Derek was working with her at their stable barn, Ryan and I jumped in my husband's trusty Forester and took off down a country lane on the property.  Within a short distance, we came upon a hill of tall grass.  Hmmm . . . potential there.  But then Ryan's eye caught something and asked me, "Look at that - is that a cemetery?"

High on the hill and back a bit, we could make out the tops of two weathered statues, the type that just might be guarding the entrance to someone's burial plot.  There were no roads up the hill and the going looked pretty rough - but what good is driving an old car with 4-wheel drive if you can't just charge up the hill, hoping desperately that the tall grass was not hiding a hidden ditch ready to kill your axle?

So, I threw my car into low gear and we headed up the hill.  What we had actually found was an old, overgrown horse arena, whose entrance featured the two statues.  That got me thinking about our bride becoming a Greek goddess, such as Aphrodite (aka Venus in Roman mythology).  

So after consultation with Emmaline and her mom, Julie, and a discussion on the danger of ticks (this is the South, after all, and they are everywhere), we headed up for some fun.  Thanks to Derek for bringing some smoke bombs and to both gentlemen for prancing behind Emmaline with them.  It was a good exercise and I believe we only came away with a half dozen ticks among us.

I asked Emmaline what her favorite color was and changed my gels.

Thank you to Echelon for the headpiece and flowers!