Bulldog Pride

When the stakes are high, you have to be there.

My son is an 8th grader at St. Joseph School in Knoxville.  While he does not play basketball, he and our family have a lot of pride in our teams, the Bulldogs and the Lady Bulldogs.

And what a year it has been for them.  Both teams advanced to the semi-finals, the Lady Bulldogs going up against Concord Christian School while the Bulldogs fought Webb School.  And both won.

It was on to the championships games, then.  The girls faced off against the Episcopal School of Knoxville and the boys stared down the Knoxville Ambassadors, a team comprised of home school kids.  And . . .

Victory for both!  Congratulations to the St. Joseph School Lady Bulldogs and the Bulldogs, the Knoxville Independent School League champions for varsity basketball!

I am happy to have been there to capture these images for the parents.  All too often, a parent's memories of their child's sports is related to pictures taken from the stands and a posed shot afterwards.  The action happens fast, so they don't get to see the grit, the struggle, and the determination on their kids' faces.  And they should - because for a middle school child, this is their fight, their triumph.  This is their moment that will come back when they are watching their own children or grandchildren compete, or dance, or play, or act.

Preserve that history for them.