Pinup, Not Boudoir

I don't do boudoir.

And if you want a photographer who will do boudoir, I can get you some great referrals.

I do not do boudoir for moral reasons.  And aesthetic ones.  Boudoir requires a special talent that keeps the subject from looking tawdry and cheap.  All too often, I see boudoir shots that do not flatter the woman, much less glorify her.  I recall seeing one series of images and just thought they were silly and sad.

On the other hand, I have seen some very, very lovely boudoir.  The images are beautiful, sensual, and . . . steamy.  Uncomfortably so for me.

So if you are more of a modest woman, but are looking for perhaps a special gift for a man, maybe even something he can display in a frame on his desk, what can you do?

I think the answer lies in the genre of pinup.

Pinup has an element of fun in it.  Think back to WWII, when the famous picture of Betty Grable sticking a pert butt towards the camera graced many a locker in the military.

Sure, some pinup - such as the images featuring Betty Page - can be too risque and qualify for the modern "NSFW" label.  But pinup can feature a lower hem and more - *ahem* - coverage.  It can mean having fun with vintage clothing and settings.

Recently, I asked the lovely Sarah to model for me and she graciously agreed.  We had a blast.  Believe it or not, she found that dress for $15 in Goodwill!

Pinup is all about attitude and exaggeration as well.  If you are the type of woman whi would feel too self-conscious in a corset trying to be "sexy," you may find that pinup allows you a chance to be silly - and look good doing it.  Clothing, props, themes - anything can be made pinup with the right poses.

If you are thinking of a special gift for your man or you just like to play dress-up, let's talk about ideas, let's discuss scenarios to make this a one-of-a-kind session for you.  And yes, it can be something you are not afraid to let your Momma see!  Enjoy some more of the Sarah In a Blue Dress series.